2017 Qualifiers

Today, we organized the qualifiers for the 2017 Coca Cola X-Mas Tournament in Kortrijk.

After today’s games, two new names can be added to the roster of our 2017 event: In Men Under 19 Falco Gent proved to be the strongest team after an outstanding final against Basket Woluwe. After the first half of the final, Gent seemed too strong for their opponent (over 20 points lead), but Woluwe fought back and reduced the difference in score to only 8 points in the beginning of the 4th quarter.

In MU14, we could celebrate Frenchy Phenoms, a French (no surprise there) selection of players from Paris and Northern France. They also won their final against Basket Woluwe after a very challenging game, and after beating a very tough Soba Antwerpen in their semi-final. Frenchy Phenoms made the difference twice in the 4th quarter. Both Soba and Woluwe could keep the score balanced till the end of the 3rd quarter, but at the end the French team proved to be physically stronger.

Taking into account the level of the finals, we are sure that these two teams will add quality to our final tournament roster !

Today’s results:

Men Under 14

Quarter finals
BBC Oostkamp – Zwevegem/Deerlijk 16-46
Basket Woluwe – BS Waregem  63-27
Duva Gistel – Soba Antwerp  41-55
BBC erembodegem – Frenchy Phenoms  2-97
Semi Finals
Basket Woluwe – Zwevegem/Deerlijk 78-23
Soba Antwerpen – Frenchy Phenoms 51-69
Basket Woluwe – Frenchy Phenoms  47-59

Men Under 19

Semi Finals
Falco Gent – BBC Oostkamp 84-43
Basket Woluwe – Oxaco Boechout 85-57
Falco Gent – Basket Woluwe  81-70