The Coca Cola X-Mas Tournament puts G-basketball in the picture on December 30th

G-basketball is one of the most popular sports amongst G-athletes. It offers competitions to mentally disabled athletes, who cannot participate in regular competitions. In the last decade, the number of G-organisations in belgium boomed and allowed a lot of people to practice basketball in competitions in different levels.

The Coca Cola X-Mas Tournament aims at highlighting the efforts of these admirable athletes and their dedicated trainers on December 30th, the final day of the tournament.

Seven teams will compete during the day in 5 on 5 competitions, and they will for sure give everything they have in them ! We will also organize a “fun” competition, in 3 on 3 format, for those who are not able to compete in 5 on 5.

We invite everybody to come and watch their games in Lange Munte Kortrijk. The program starts already at 8hr20, and finishes around 17hr, with a medal ceremony for eveybody on our main court !