08/11: game schedule MU19 adapted

One modification in the preliminary phase of the MU19 competition: Canarias Basketball Academy (Spain) and Belgrade Basketball Association (Serbia) switch places. CBA will now play in Group D, while Belgrade will compete in Group C..

07/11: Notre Dame Leuven replaces TEF Kain in WU14

Update in Women Under 14: TEF Kain had to cancel their participation and will be replaced by Notre Dame Leuven. For those who remember the 2017 edition: Notre Dame Leuven was runner up in he WU14 category. Only Fenerbahce (Turkey) appeared to be too strong for them.

07/11: rules page updated

Recently some changes have been executed to the tournament participation list. The number of teams in women Under 19 changed from 14 to 12, while the number of competitors in Men Under 14 was adapted from 22 to 24.

Today, we updated the rules page for the age groups Women Under 19, Men Under 14 and Women Under 12.

24/10: game schedule updated

Due to a cancellation, we had to reorganize two competitions:

Women Under 19 will be played with 12 teams (instead of 14)

Men Under 14 will be played with 24 teams (instead of 22)

The new game schedule (draft 4) has been published on our competitions page.

10/10: game schedule updated

A new version of the game schedule has been published today. There have been no important changes in timings, only some minor modifications were executes, and some recently registered teams added.

2018 draft game schedule published

Today, the draft game schedule for the 2018 Coca Cola X-Mas Tournament has been published on our website.

Tou can find it at:http://www.x-mastournament.be/competitions/

There all still openings for ONE WU19 and ONE WU17 team, and FOUR U12-B teams for our one day U12-B tournement.

This draft game schedule can be subject to changes, and the final one will be published by end of October.

19/09: MKS Piotrowka Radom (Poland) completes the MU14 roster

Another country will be represented at the 2018 Coca Cola X-Mas Tournament: Poland.

MKS Piotrowka Radom has indeed accepted to take the last open spot in our Men Under 14 competition.This club is focussing on youth basketball for Under 14 and below and will for sure add quality to our very promising roster. Check their website at http://www.mkspiotrowka.pl/