The Coca Cola X-Mas tournament wants to be more than just a basketball tournament. We also aim at playing our social role.

Therefore we decided to start supporting a humanitarian project, initiated by Werner Verstraete, a well known local basketball coach, and member of our organization. He and his wife were at the origin of the project “Makoye Kafo”

The humanitarian project is located in Senegal. Below you will find a text with some more information and pictures about this beuatiful initiative. We invite everybody to share this information and to contribute to this great project.

From touristic experience to project

As we left for the warmth and rest of Senegal after a long and cold winter in April 2013, we met Madi Diouf. He was our local guide to his village and the nearby villages in the jungle around Toubacouta in South Senegal. We learnt about the needs of the local people: better school facilities, better working circumstances for women, extra food, …


Coming home Fabienne got stuck with the question about what could be done. To better get to know and understand the problematic nature of Africa she joined a project in Ghana, run by the volunteer organisation Vrijwillig Wereldwijd.
Back at home she started thinking how to organise and realise a programme of help for Toubacouta. Through almost daily contact with Mad Diouf, she decided to go back using the money of a benefit night to provide the villagers with mosquito nets, rice, a solar cooker, clothes and toothpaste.

Werner talked with the local basketball coach and consequently set up a few training sessions and staged a match. We want to continue this project, as it is part of the social and sports development of the local youngsters.

We experienced real gratitude from the people. Talking with the village chiefs, representatives of the youth and the women we gained insight into the real needs of the villagers.

In May 2015 we started a non-profit organisation Makoye Kafo to be on the safe side, regarding the legal and financial aspects, and to structure our activities. We’re registered at the support office for volunteers in projects dealing with the south. You will find the necessary information about our statutes, accounting and activities at

We aim to gather enough money in 2016 in order to provide the villages with a grain mill to improve the working conditions of the women and a sanitary unit for the school.

We will try to gather the necessary funds through our benefit night on 14th November 2015, through all sorts of sponsoring, donations and a calendar sale.

At present the construction works for the grain mill shed and the sanitary unit have started. In February we will go to Senegal to deliver and inaugurate the mill and the toilets. At the same time we will carry out some research about the school situation of the children. In the long run we would like to provide the school with first readers and to build a small library with a reading and storytelling corner.

It is our hope that every single child will be given the opportunity to learn to write, read and do sums in order to fight illiteracy.

As Mathama Gandhi said: ‘If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start educating children’.