Invitation 2017



12th International Coca Cola X-Mas Tournament, in Kortrijk (Belgium)


We kindly invite you at the 12th Coca Cola international X-Mas Tournament, the highest ranked youth basketball tournament in Western Europe. This year again, we will gather some of the best international youth teams and we grant quality both on and around the courts. In our short history, we hosted teams from 26 different countries, including the United States and Canada. It’s simple: Teams always enjoy coming back to Kortrijk !

We aim at granting the highest possible competition level. Therefore, the tournament is only open for national or regional selections, basketball academies and teams playing on the highest competition level in their respective countries.

Thanks to the experience of the past years, and the feedback of the participants, we will try to organize a splendid edition in 2017. The main changes this year:

  • To be confirmed: The All Star Game of the Belgian professional league will be played in Kortrijk, during the tournament (free access for tournament participants).
  • A one day competition for U10 teams.
  • A coach clinic and a referee clinic during the tournament.
  • A unique tournament t-shirt for all players (in participation formula A or B)


December 27th, 28th and 29th 2017


  • Men Under 19                        (year of birth 1999 or later)
  • Women Under 19                  (year of birth 1999 or later)
  • Men Under 17                        (year of birth 2001 or later)
  • Women Under 17                   (year of birth 2001 or later)
  • Men Under 14                        (year of birth 2004 or later)
  • Women Under 14                  (year of birth 2004 or later)
  • Mixed Under 12                     (year of birth 2006 or later)
  • Mixed Under 10                     (year of birth 2008 or later)

Number of games::

  • FIVE games for each team. (U10: 3 or 4 games for each team)


2017 Tournament program

December 26th

  • Arrival of teams wishing to stay an additional night in Kortrijk.
  • Practice sessions for interested teams in Lange Munte Kortrijk
  • start of the FIBA referee clinic

December 27th:

  • Registration of the teams at the tournament site.
  • Registration in the respective hotels.
  • Opening ceremony.
  • Two qualifying games for every team.
  • Dunk contest for MU19 in Kortrijk
  • Tournament for U12 – qualifying games
  • New: coaches clinic
  • New: referee clinic

December 28th:

  • Two qualifying games for every team.
  • Evening: three points contests on each site.
  • Tournament for U12 – final games
  • New: All Star Game Belgian professional Basketball league 

December 29th:

  • All day:                       U10 tournament
  • All day:                       G-Basketball (Lange Munte Kortrijk)
  • All day:                       Ranking games on all sites.
  • All day:                       U12 B-tournament for local teams
  • 09.00 Hr:                    WU14 Open Final (Lange Munte Kortrijk)
  • 10.40 Hr:                    WU19 Open Final (Lange Munte Kortrijk)
  • 12.20 Hr:                    MU17 Open Final (Lange Munte Kortrijk)
  • 14.00 Hr:                    WU17 Invitational Final (Lange Munte Kortrijk)
  • 15.45 Hr:                    MU19 Invitational Final (Lange Munte Kortrijk)
  • 17.45 Hr:                    MU14 Open Final (Lange Munte, Kortrijk)
  • MVP election after every final


Information about the competitions


Number of games:

  • U19, U17 and U14: every team plays 2 games on 27th, 2 games on 28th and 1 game on 29th.
  • U12: each team plays 3 games on 27th and 2 games on 28th.
  • U10: each team plays 3 games on 29th.

Timing of the games:

  • Start of the tournament: December 27th at 9 Hr.
  • End of tournament: December 29th at 18.30 Hr. Teams will however receive their rewards immediately after their last game. This for allowing those teams who have to travel far to leave earlier.

Game sites:

  • Kortrijk, Wevelgem, Deerlijk, Dottignies, Izegem and Zwevegem.

Game length:

  • 4 x 10’ for the MU19 Invitational competition,
  • 4 x 5′ for the U12 and U10 competition
  • for all others 4 x 8’ (always stopped time).


  • All finals will be organized on our main court, at gym Lange Munte (Kortrijk). This is the home court for several international competitions.
  • Important: no timings of finals will be modified for travelling issues. So please plan the timing of your trip back in accordance.


  • MVP Award: in every age group an MVP will be awarded. The MVP Awards are sponsored by Coach Van Kers (Men), living legend in Basketball coaching and by An Wauters (Women), WNBA champion and multiple European player of the year.
  • 3 point contest: organized on every site. Winners will be awarded.
  • Dunk contest: organized in Lange Munte. The winner will be awarded and the club of the winner will receive a 250 € cheque (NEW!!!).


  • All games will be led by 2 or 3 official referees, under FIBA rules.
  • A FIBA referee clinic is organized during the tournament. The participants, part of the FIBA talent pool will officiate the MU19 games.
  • All referees are part of the FIBA, the national or regional talent pool.
  • International candidates can apply to be part of the tournament officials team, by contacting the organizer.