The teams 2019



Please keep in mind that the following rules are applied:

  • MU19: will be played with 12 teams. Maximum FOUR teams from Belgium and minumum EIGHT foreign teams. This age group is only open upon invitation
  • In WU19, MU18, MU16, WU16, MU14 and WU14, maximum 50 % of the spots will be open for Belgian teams, in order to grant the international character of the event.
  • A number of Belgian teams receive wild cards, thanks to their results in the past. They are put immediately on the participants list. All other teams will be put on the waiting list, and will have to qualify for the event.
Provisional Number of registrations: 17
Number of countries: 5 (Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Canada)

Men Under 19 

Women Under 19 

  1. Basketball Academy Limburg (Netherlands)
  2. Hélios Vétroz (Switzerland)

Men Under 18

  1. Spirou Charleroi (Belgium)
  2. Basketball Academy Limburg (Netherlands)
  3. City of Birmingham (England)

Men under 16

  1. Spirou Charleroi (Belgium)
  2. Goulbourn Basketball Association (Canada)
  3. Basketball Academy Limburg (Netherlands)
  4. City of Birmaingham (England)
  5. ZZ Leiden (Netherlands)

Women Under 16 

  1. Notre Dame Leuven (Belgium)
  2. Basketball Academy Limburg (Netherlands)

Men Under 14 

  1. Basketball Academy Limburg (Netherlands)
  2. City of Birmaingham (England)
  3. BS Leiden (Netherlands)

Women Under 14 

  1. Notre Dame Leuven (Belgium)

MEN Under 12 – A level

  1. Basket Blankenberge (Belgium)

MEN Under 12 – B level (one day tournament on 27 DECEMBER)

Women Under 12 (two days tournament on 28-29/12)

Under 10 (one day tournament on 28/12)

G-basket (one day tournament on 29/12)