MU19: Finalist of the Italian championship MU19 registers for the Aquarius X-Mas Tournament

Italy will be the 13th country represented at the 2023 Aquarius X-Mas Tournament.
Today, we received the confirmation that College Basketball Borgomanero will participate in our MU19 competition.
Borgomanero, a city in the Piemont region, close to the beautiful Lago Maggiore, may not be the biggest name in Italian basketball, but the team has strong references: they were runner up in the 2023 Italian championship final Men Under 19, have two players in the national youth team MU18 and the organization runs a very solid youth department. Francesco Ferrari was the most best rebounder overall in the recent European championship Under 18 in Nis.
It will be their first appearance at our event and we are really looking forward to their arrival.