Coca Cola x-mas tournament 2018

The 2018 Coca Cola X-Mas Tournament in Kortrijk will be organized 28-30 December 2018 !

The official invitation, with the most relevant information can be found here:

English version:

2018 invitation Coca Cola X-Mas Youth tournament in Kortrijk (Belgium)

Version française:

2018 Invitation Coca Cola X-Mas Tournament à Courtrai (Belgique)

Teams can apply at peter@x-mastournament.be

And the winners in 2017 are:

Men Under 19: limburg united (belgium)

Women Under 19: BBC Sint Katelijne Waver (Belgium)

Men Under 17: Zaza Pachulia Academy (Georgia)

Women Under 17: Belgrade Basketball Association (Serbia)

Men Under 14: Team Fikeo (France)

Women Under 14: Fenerbahce (Turkey)


Under 12 A level: Frenchy Phenoms (France)

Under 12 B level: ASTE Kain (Belgium)

Under 10: Frenchy Phenoms (France)

G Basket: Everybody !!!

That’s all folks! The last final of the tournament has been played and in the end, everybody’s a winner. See you next year Europe’s risings stars!

All games that have been streamed can be watched on the youtube channel of ThisIsBasketball

COURT 1 (all Finals)
 9am WU14 Notre Dame Leuven – Fenerbahce 42-52
 10.40am WU19 St. Kat. Waver – BBA Ludwigsburg  72-22
 12.20pm MU17 Zaza Pachulia Ac. – Oostende  93-90
 2pm WU17 (invit) Belgrade – Waregem  69-47
 3.40pm MU19 (invit) Oostende  – Limburg United 44-83
 5.40pm MU14 Limburg United – Team Fikeo  61-70