WU19: KD Janina (Slovenia) will be a tough challenger for every team !

Earlier this year, we announced that we will upgrade our Women Under 19 competition to the same level als the Men Under 19 and we will keep that promise.
Invitations have been forward to all over Europe, to teams playing at the top of their national competitions.
We are happy to announce that KD Janina, from Slovenia, will be one of the teams competing in our Women Under 19 event.

KD Janina (complete name Kosarsko Drustvo JANINA Rogaska Slatina) may not be the best known name in Belgium, but the club has a very solid reputation in central Europe.
Although a small club from a little town, they raised an exceptional generation of players born 2006 and later, the best team not only in Slovenia (being serial national champions since U13) but also winning the Adriatic (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, N. Macedonia, Hungary and Bulgaria) WABA U17 league for two consecutive years now, so we are sure that they will meet our aim to invite some of the strongest teams across Europe to our tournament.
We warmly welcvome them for their first appearance in Kortrijk !